Pillars of property management: The role of organization for aspiring property managers

The Organized Groundwork

In the fast pace world of real estate , fusion of robust client relations, cutting edge technology, and organizational skills is key to thriving property management. Embracing these pillars empowers property managers to enhance service, delivery, optimize property oversight, and carve a niche in the competitive market. With this, real estate professionals are equipped to navigate complexities and create a lasting profitable career in real estate. 


Properties in 2024 have vastly changed since the past. With more HOA’s, commercial hotels and residential fixer uppers filled with new tech, and aesthetic quality design. With the times inflating in luxury stays, comes the pricing as well. The lucrative income lies within high-profile capitals, and towns with major amenities, tourist attractions, and seasonal stays which preferably should be newly built. Who’s to say property management isn’t booming in this aspect? 

With property management comes the skill you have to present to obtain a possible contract with an investor, home owner, and or landlord. The possible downside is if the skill isn’t used or doesn’t characteristically change the ideals, or thought process of he or she it may fail regardless. Did we forget to mention it’s more than one skill? You’ll need communication, Maintenance, Patience, Customer Service, Attention to detail, Marketing, Financial Management, Assertiveness, organization, Proper collection, and lastly our favorite, real estate knowledge. The skills of the hour however are  Assertiveness, and organization. When building a contract with someone for property management, remind yourself this is not yours, this is the handling of what is not yours, so it is not taken lightly when things are dismayed.  There is a possible chance they will only seek you to attend to about 1-4 managing factors of the property and will be persistent on keeping it that way for the entirety of the contract. This is neither good nor bad, but to some it’s bad due to the difference in salary depending on labor time, and the possible rate if you aren’t with a firm and decide to freelance your work. It only takes about 5 minutes to thoroughly collect rent, communicate with the guest to check on their stay, and answer any concerns or questions. This is why entrepreneurs in this field tend to lean towards a fixed percentage of pay instead of a rate if possible. Being assertive reflects onto the way you handle yourself and the business you inquire about, yet your organization shows you have the skill to keep a reliable record and quality of care. Property management is said to be quite fun, and spontaneous in the aspect of new people, new experiences, and unique topics in communication. If you may not be willing to freelance your property management skills there are always firms available which may give you a better chance at a fixed rate of pay. Feeling like property management may be for you? Our partnered course is just a click away and a license into a career that could change everything! Invest in knowledge for success!

 Property managers abide by their written and signed contracts which include these responsibilities below!

  • Managing guests/tenants
  • Marketing the property and its possible amenities and features
  • Managing a strict budget
  • Handling taxes and finances 
  • Collecting proper amounts of rent or monies
  • Be aware and abide by Landlord tenant laws and regulations
  • Communicating with tenant needs and also doing so with the landlord
  • Handle damages, repairs, and maintenance