How to market your personal branding for profitable success

What is the possibility of success without marketing? Little to none!

The competitive edge

The business world tends to glance at the unique and trending, but can hold a conversation with someone who is clear, bold, and confident. That’s all it takes to run a business right? I mean you get into an event, talk your way into a business deal and boom your in, just  one switch of personality and you’ve got a possible high end clientele. If the world was like that, any woman or man who seemed sharp and kept a fierce look would make a brand deal a week, and we’d all be loaded. This is what the marketing world likes to call “personal branding” : the image you sell, and the money making quality that gets you in that exclusive business meeting. Marketing yourself to create an income from who you are as a person is the end goal. Honestly it is! Who wouldn’t enjoy being who they are while creating passive income for themselves in the process? When we think of marketing we think of quality, solution, reputation, because that’s what gets you in the door and keeps you in the building. 

Quality is something so simple yet so competitive and at times complex, the quality that you offer in  your work needs to be your flawless design. NO ONE ELSE’S. Sure you can grab inspiration and build from there, but there is always a level of borderline copying, so focus on originality.  As Hailey Beiber has contributed to the skincare/lip care world and recently the phone case one. Merely hours  later other brands realized what she had brought to the table. She brought quality rhode skincare, and a phone case to take your rhode care wherever, whenever you have your phone which is probably always. She brought thoughtful quality, humane care, and people idolized it and stocked up. The upside to quality is it can be simple, and easy to market because great quality is utilized frequently, but maintaining an expensive product/service  is what will turn your head to a solution. To market yourself, you need to market a passion, yet it needs to be a solution to a problem. Investthereal is set on real estate education and building your career while helping you grow as a person within the process. The reason our brand has a clear focus is because it is our solution. Our solution is to help the real estate world, to help others understand it at  a deeper level and supply success for you, your family, even your friends, and the generations you will inspire through our partnered education courses.  No one needs to go through the world without knowing how to invest wisely, where to invest, how to make property value rise, and how to live happily knowing you’re secure in the real estate world.

Whatever you may sell (hoping its real estate) needs to bring a solution to an issue otherwise what’s the purpose of it. For example a real estate agent assists in the complexity of buying and selling property. People hire agents so that life is simple, fast, and reliable when selling, buying, and managing real estate. Reputation brings in the clients and keeps you happily referred by them. When you think of luxury high end brands, you immediately think of the product they sell and its consumers.  Reputation is all about consistency, the quality of your solution, and the feeling it leaves others with after they have received your services. Reputation takes patience because regardless of how friendly, and useful you are there will be clientele or customers who won’t align with your kindness or actions. We like to say “ even the best restaurant in town has a bad review”. As important as consistency is, it relies on your willingness to pursue the work you wish to do. It further requires you to be attentive, be able to solve minor issues, being able to solve complex ones, and seeking the best resolution for problems out of your control. Marketing seems easy but it takes major skill and persistence. So no, not just personal qualities like being bold keep you secure. It’s being business oriented and mastering personal branding. Whether you choose to be a real estate agent, a sales rep, a property manager, appraiser,  and or land surveying, etc. You sell what you sell yes, but there was always a person whom you were fond of more due to their simplicity and resourcefulness. So what’s the secret to building income from your personal branding? We say its tier development, and persistence. That’s what gets you in your next deal, because everyone who is anyone would gladly want to know who you are if you offered the right product at the right time. Just remember to market it. Invest in knowledge for success!

Real estate is here and at a click of a button!

Starting is easier than you think! Tap into real estate branding success, and achieve licensing!

Key marketing tools we recommend


  • Canva (it has great advertising potential with customization tools, and templates)
  • A Google Doc account (essential for drafting work, and organizing ideas and photos)
  • Excel (Great for organization of dates, numbers, and statistics)
  • A personal platform or business one (a personal one to keep up on what is trending, and being marketed, yet a business one to broadcast, post, and or market yourself/product) 
  • Key word research and competitors research (this helps you promote your brand as best as possible by inspiration and strategy)
  • Self talk, motivational manifesting (This one is for everyone. It helps clarify where your mindset is and how to be persistent and motivated)
  • In general email automation and message automation ( There are so many email and message automation platforms to use, pick the one that best aligns with what you are working towards. Make sure that it is simple and easy to use so you are left with time to focus on other aspects of your career. Plus automation is always there when you aren’t at your device)

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