Invest in mindset! The “HOW TO” of investing in your personal growth.

The reason

Most of us like to go out spending money with friends or buy the latest trend, then feel financially unstable and get worried about life in general. Your surroundings and environment affect everything about you. It affects your mental process, decision making, beliefs, desires, and probability of success. The majority are not willing to give up toxicity, unreliable people and environments they choose to associate with because they are scared of opinions and don’t feel comfortable losing what feels comfortable. Most people aren’t going to be influenced by one workout video, keeping track with daily manifestation, grinding at work and daily asset funding to better themselves. The harsh truth is if you want to be a better or different person you have to lose the old you and old habits attached, to truly think better, learn better, feel better and earn better success. Dedication is honestly a thing of the past due to all the distraction we have  at our fingertips that set us back farther in a sunken hole of procrastination and denial. But there is a solution to this “reality”.

The Solution and process

Create your dedication. Create a reason, create a power, and never believe its normal.

The dedication is a conscious continuum of what you believe is right and know for certain you will accomplish. This isn’t a “Yea I am going to do it, and im gonna change” this is a “Whether i like it or not i will get up, i will repeat it, and i will be a boss at it” type of dedication. No one gets anywhere with just an idea and no application to the idea. 

The reason is something that speaks to you. If you don’t want to be a lawyer DONT, if you dont want to be a doctor DONT, those are meant for people who want that lifestyle. Your reason is your instinctual belief that whatever is reachable whether hard or easy will make you happier than other options that seem decent. Your reason is for you and YOU ONLY! Don’t feel as if this means you are selfish, your not going to be if you do what is meant for you. Never tell yourself “What happens, happens” the people who tell themselves that are obviously unable to take control in their life. 


The power is something no one ever talks about when it comes to personal growth and pure change. when you choose to change you will create power whether or not it is conscious or unconsciously made a reality. This power is the source of the growth. This power can be controlled by making it known. When you create an ongoing commitment you will begin to understand who you are as a person, and whether or not you take yourself seriously enough to improve. once you feel confident, and not embarassed by doing what helps you grow this power builds within you and will make you feel like the best. Confidence is key. 

Believing the process that you go through is normal will weaken your improvement. Thinking this will subconsciously place you at the same level as everyone else (the average person). Doing this is EXTREMELY easy to do and hard to get out of. In doing so, you will come to expect the average of yourself and stop when it seems okay. Were not saying its not okay to be okay, we are saying that comparing yourself is a personal belief that should only be a growth factor not a condescending one. There shouldn’t be expansion in the idea of making yourself feel like you are not enough for what you truly want. This is what we call “diminishing any hope for change”. Once you think the things you do everyday are normal you will come to believe that you are nothing more than a mediocre person, and the life you truly want will seem unreachable or out of the standard you place upon yourself. Your story is yours and normal is grey in a grey world. For some this isn’t a must when it comes to growth because they don’t realize that normal means normal and personal growth is personal for a reason.